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Computer Skill Training

India is suffering from a real shortage of skilled manpower According to Industrialist. Neded Institute took an initiative to provide the quality skilled education for the needed person.

Certified Trainers

We have various level of trainers who are well educated as well as certified and on top level in their own fields.

E-Book & Video Library

we have rich content e-book and video library for students. So that they can study after the class as well.

Career Oriented Courses

We have designed Our courses curriculam career oriented. So that learners will be eligible for direct job.

Award & Reward

We have award and reward policy for meritorius students acording to their performance in different ways.

Popular Courses

We have designed best computer courses in three segments. Software, Accounting and Multimedia. Our student says We are the best education provider having a no. of certified corporate trainers. Our motive is to provide qulity education in minimal fees.

Software Courses

Information & Technology

Software courses in IT sector helps you to get job in govt. sector as well as in private sector. This course offers a survey of various software.

Accounting Courses

Manage any organization's Debit & Credit

Accountability of credit and debit is required in every organization. Every organization required skilled accountant from small to large scale.


Design and Marketing for any Organisation

Design and marketing is very highly paid sector of any organization. The future of organization is depending on marketing and its content.

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Our Facilities

We offer best in class education. We provide more practical less theorticle education. Our motive is to educate the nation with real practical knowledge.

We provide additional support and classes like english speaking, personality development and interview faqs to crack the interview.

We conduct time to time industry expert seminars for students to get the latest knowledge of real industry.

We give chance to students to prove their extra talent in cultural events. Students get confidence in other fields also.